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I'm incredibly proud of the team: we've shipped reddit for iOS and Reddit for Android! GET IT. Let me know what you think. It's so fast, you'll get whiplash. ⬆
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@alexisohanian The app looks great! Congrats on the launch. The new app has already replaced Alien Blue and Narwhal on my homescreen. So far the only feature I think is missing is Peak and Pop for images and links. Is there a beta program I can join to provide ongoing feedback? I'd like to test upcoming feature enhancements, if possible.
@maniesco Thank you! Subscribe to https://www.reddit.com/r/beta to be first to know. We're pretty close to our cap for mobile testing.
@alexisohanian Will you be adding any of the removed features from AlienBlue? as right now this app feels like it is designed at new comers / general users, whilst AlienBlue did so much more, like for example: 🔻The removal of casual subscriptions (your design is very suited for multiple subscription folders with labels as well) 🔻Gallery View was great, and now gone. 🔻Why don't we have the option to view a picture straight away rather then go through comments 🔻iPad app 🔻Getting to other subreddits, (why can't i rearrange the order, the whole process of changing a subreddit feels slow) 🔻History tab doesn't use the same check for viewing pref as rest of the app (thats a bug not something alien blue did) Theres lots more that has been removed, and personally, means I can't use your app, as it changes my flow of using reddit, will any of these features be added into the official app? Edit: 🔻Can't search on a subreddit, thats a massive mistake,
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@alexisohanian Love so many things about this so far. Any plans for the following features? - Automatic playing/loading of GIFs (under a certain size) so I don't have to click out to third-party sites. - 3D Touch to preview content in compact view. Would also be cool to use peek & pop to view content like GIFs in comments without navigating away from the page. - Ability to organize the subreddits to which I'm subscribed. Congrats on the new app!
@alexisohanian Recently I've been using @getnarwhal and I've loved it. Hopefully this app is even better 😊 📲
Why is it US only still?
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@haroenv We're just starting out in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Other countries will follow shortly, they just require a little more diligence.
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@ahiggz okay, I hope it'll be global quickly ☺️
@haroenv @ahiggz but will we still be able to take advantage of the gold offer?
@ahiggz @haroenv Please add India. 😥
I can only say: Finally! I love reddit and using third apps it's not the same experience. Thanks for te official app.
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@gabrielreynard Thank you!! Hope ours can be your daily driver for many years to come.
@gabrielreynard Have to respectfully disagree, on Android at least. Third-party apps are incredibly impressive, even with their tiny teams. I personally use Sync for Reddit, and it's design plus functionality is unmatched, even by this official version.
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@iambarronroth I understand you, they are pretty good app's, but nothing compares to a official version. AMA's app is a prove for that, third-party apps where not as good as the official one. And I have a lot of expectation about this one, I think reddit will "up-level" with this, just like imgur did.
@gabrielreynard "using third apps is not the same experience" I think that's exactly what made reddit great so far. Tons of third party apps. Granted there are a lot rubbish ones (especially on Android). I've been using Reddit News (now Relay) on Android for ages and it's perfect. The dev is incredible and keeps adding really useful features. I doubt an official app can keep up with that. Just have a look at @alextrott_ 's comment above. However I'll give it a go later and report back!
@yannschaub I understand, it's good to have third party apps, it shows how community is engaged with the product. My point is: everything that is official is official, they run the website and are the only ones who can improve to the maximum their service. All of others are just a step product.
Ha! Just caught the announcement video, voiced by Tommy Chong:
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Oh wow - this is AWESOME! :)
@ajm5338 YOU'RE AWESOME, ADAM. Thanks for all the upvotes.