Red Paper Plane

Design thinking for 3-6 year olds, parents and educators

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Bogomil Shopov -BogoHunter@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
Red Paper Plane is a new learning experience for 3-6 year old children, parents, teachers and caregivers. It is based on missions - creative projects that encourage kids to think and act like designers and engage in a process. This is the reason why I have submitted it here :) Have a great day and start learning with your kids :)
Georgi KamovMaker@georgi_kamov
@bogomep Thanks for submitting us, Bogo! We are very proud of our missions, which open up a lot of creative avenues for 3-6 year olds, their parents and educators. We are strong believers in project-based learning and quality time together - hopefully other parents/educators feel the same way, too.
Marcel Heinz@marcel_heinz1
Nice project 👍
Georgi KamovMaker@georgi_kamov
@marcel_heinz Thank you, Marcel!
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Cute. Ordered one for my boys, let's see if they like it.
Bogomil Shopov -BogoHunter@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
@andreasduess Awesome. I am sure @joko will be happy to get some feedback later :)
Georgi KamovMaker@georgi_kamov
@bogomep @andreasduess I will definitely be happy to get feedback and suggestions!
Casey Shultz@alaskacasey · Head of Ops, Serverless
Just bought this for my niece! I'll let you know what she thinks!
Georgi KamovMaker@georgi_kamov
@alaskacasey Thanks, Casey!
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
Will you be at ABC KIDS EXPO next week?
Georgi KamovMaker@georgi_kamov
@prsarahevans Unfortunately not, but we definitely plan to go to Vegas at some point :-)