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Obviously this is a service that is near and dear to my heart because they were part of the first launch incubator. they won the "best incubator" award at the LAUNCH Festival last week..... and they are a fascinating approach to fund raising because you can give to anyone -- not just people who are asking / begging for money! check out some examples, including me giving money to Eric Willis of producthunt fame!
This has similarities to Patreon. How does it compare, @brianalvey? P.S. I'm having a hard time quickly identifying what types of creators are on the platform. This may simply not be a focus now but I would expect to be able to browser creators and/or categories (music, writing, games, etc.).
Correct @rrhoover, there is no browse feature yet. Too few active creators for that to make sense. The biggest difference is that creators don't have to set up a profile page. Supporters can just start paying them. Also, we're weekly, but monthly is a popular request. Plus you can "pay it forward" – forward a percentage of your incoming Recurrency every week to up to 5 other creators/causes. So we think that will scale to handle creators who are further along in their careers. Thanks!
@brianalvey love the pay it forward concept!
@rrhoover @brianalvey i think there should be a leaderboard today... I like seeing the early stuff -- it's random and authentic!
Thanks @jason! Recurrency is 12 days old. We've got a few hundred members already and nearly 100 gifts in the system, including a bunch for some ex-@Gigaom talent: and