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Perry Oostdam
@perrydam · Founder Recruitee.com
Thanks @vingar! I'll checkout Vinishgarg to see what can be improved! We had to rush the site a bit, so we'll give it some more time in the upcoming weeks.
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Willem Wijnans
@willemwijnans · part of the talent hacker dojo
Great contender from the Netherlands to compete with the Levers, Workables and Greenhouses of the talent space. Best of luck Perry and team conquering the world :D
Perry Oostdam
@perrydam · Founder Recruitee.com
Thanks a lot for hunting us @Bramk! We came across the need for a recruiting tool ourself about a year ago, and pivoted our business when things started to pick up. It’s absolutely awesome to see startup teams create great-looking job sites in no time with our new editor. We’ve placed some live examples of users on the landing page. We invite teams to take … See more
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
It’s impressive to see what this team of three made in little under a year. Recruitee organizes your recruiting activities in a well-designed tool. Checkout a new feature they’re launching today: a career site editor with modules to create/style your own job page.
Mark Studholme
@mark_studholme · co-founder - CROWDYHOUSE
I am a big big fan of Recruitee and the team. It covers all aspects of the recruitment process and is very effective in promoting your vacancies. In addition to this the team execute crazy fast and listen to all your feedback.
Rutger Teunissen
@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
Simplified dashboard with a great design. This is great! Cheers to the team of Recruitee!