Grow your team with referrals.

Recrooit is the first referral-based recruitment platform with an automated recruitment process for companies.
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I’m Nev, the maker of Recrooit - super happy to be here :) We decided to launch earlier than we planned, hoping our network of industry professionals will be able to help their peers who lost jobs during this pandeminc land a new gig. In short, Recrooit is the first (and only) referral-based platform with an automated recruitment process for companies. When hiring through Recrooit you are able to: - Post a vacancy to our platform in a few simple clicks - Keep control over cost per hire by setting the bounty yourself - Say goodbye to cold outreach - Connect with passive talent globally, thanks to the network of industry professionals - Reduce time-to-hire with a faster and more efficient sourcing process - Grow your talent pool 🔥🔥🔥 Finally, we’ve prepared a LIFETIME deal for the launch; so if you post a job today, you’ll enjoy a 30% discount, happily ever after :) As a Recrooiter, you now have a way to help your friends and peers land their dream jobs, while earning a bounty for your effort. 

Candidate ownership is simply resolved through the app - once a candidate is recommended, other Recrooiters can’t recommend them for that same position. Additionally, before you can recommend a candidate, they need to verify that it’s OK to share their data with third party (companies). We welcome all Product Hunters to join our community, and we’re eager to hear your feedback! 

Feel free to ask away, we’ll be here to help and answer any questions.🤞
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I love the way Recrooit gives you all the perks of using a full-on recruitment agency, but takes away all the hassle of the traditional recruitment process. It takes job boards and recruitment agencies and takes away the best of both worlds.
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@fedja Thanks Johnny :D We are looking forward to seeing Morph Networks hiring on Recrooit 😻
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@nevena_sofranic And we’re looking forward to ‘harnessing the power of the community’ ☺️
Recrooit is a breath of fresh air! Its biggest advantage? It takes the friction out of recruiting and makes it more fun. Keep up the good work!
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Congrats @nevena_sofranic on the official launch here! So stoked to see such an amazing idea turned into the awesome product. 🔥
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@pavloviclaza Thank you very much, Lazar 🙏🏻 You sharing your experience in marketing was critical to us during the prep for launch. Proving once again that relying on the community gets things done every time 🙌🏼
Game-changing app in the field of recruitment. Easy to use, intuitive UX and super-devoted team behind the project.
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@matija_golubovic Thanks, Matija, we appreciate the kind words ☺️ We’ll continue to work hard to live up to the praise, and we’re hoping the result really changes the recruitment game 🚀🙌🏼