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The 🐦 Record Bird team got one of the first music related chat bots approved on the Facebook Messenger platform. You can ask it about new releases or announcements as well as query for specific artists. I wonder which 🎨 ux & interaction patterns will emerge over time and what other bot use cases we'll see. Exciting times.
@__tosh Thanks for hunting and introducing our chatbot to the community here on Product Hunt today. We believe bots can offer a playful way for users to interact with our product with the smallest friction possible. Users remain in the well known environment of their messaging app and little to no effort is required to evaluate the potential of a new product or getting to a specific information super quickly. I'm here with our CTO @graf_arnold today to answer any questions you might have! Let's do this! :) Try our bot:
@__tosh we're quietly rolling out a brand new version of our #chatbot for @recordbird_com & wanted to give you an early look! Wanna give it a spin?
How do you see other messenger platforms compared to Facebook Messenger? Any plans to support more of them? What do you think how the space will evolve going fwd?
@__tosh We’ve also developed a chatbot for Kik. You can give it a try here: For our use case, Facebook definitely offers the best UI at the moment. As the CTA Buttons are attached to the message, the user can click on buttons or type without switching keyboards (as is the case with Kik). The biggest advantage of Kik is that it offers a dedicated "BotShop", which makes the discovery for users rather easy, therefore generates a constant inbound of traffic. From what we know, Facebook and Telegram don't plan to launch anything similar at the moment. The real potential lies in the personalisation of bots - personalisation in the most literal sense of the world: people dislike talking to robots or programs as much as they dislike having a conversation with an answering machine. We want to engage with people and the best alternative to a real dialogue could be a human like conversation with a program. So we work towards making your bot experience with Record Bird more personal and human, both in terms of personalising the content we show you (e.g. based on your Facebook Likes) but also in terms of offering you more natural ways to engage with the chatbot. The best bots will be able to process and interpret input beyond the command line. For now, we’ll focus on optimising the current experience for our bots on Facebook and Kik. We want to learn how people currently engage with them and optimise based on these insights.
What’s the main difference between your chatbot and the web version?
@peterbuch As of today, the core difference is the users’ opportunity to fully customise their experience when using the web application via We’ve built integrations for Spotify / Facebook which allow users to import and track hundreds of their favourite artists within seconds - either by importing their Facebook Likes or they Spotify Library. We’re currently evaluating how to best bring this experience to our chatbot experience, therefore making the release alerts much more personalised to each individual user’s taste.
@peterbuch we're quietly rolling out a brand new version of our #chatbot for @recordbird_com & wanted to give you an early look! Wanna give it a spin?
Really great! Could I potentially subscribe to artist via bot and receive updates via messenger?
@michael_eisler1 Sure! With the first version out the door, there’s still a lot of ground to cover and we are well aware. Our next step is to personalise your chat bot experience by enabling you to import your favourite artists from Facebook (via Likes) so we can track them and let you know directly through messenger when they announce/release a new record. On top, this allows us to personalise which releases you see in the "Announced This Week" and "Released This Week" section based on your interests. So in a nutshell: Yes, working on it as we speak! :)
@michael_eisler1 we're quietly rolling out a brand new version of our #chatbot for @recordbird_com & wanted to give you an early look! Wanna give it a spin?
@mahringer_a @recordbird_com oh man, you really made progress i can tell! Keep up the great work.
@mahringer_a Can you please get a bit into detail about the technologies you have used so far? And what are your future plans, especially in terms of NLP?
@smalzner @mahringer_a hi Stefan, having jumped on the node.js train a while ago, we used an npm package to provide the webhook (simply called “messenger-bot”). Although Facebook’s docs for the API were still brand new, integration with it was quite pain-free (except for a few nasty typos in the specifications :)). The Record Bird bot itself is built as a micro-service that uses a graph to decide how to respond to queries. A little bit of tree-search logic tracks individual users as they move through the graph and generates replies based on that information. NLP/NLA is obviously a huge topic for us, and we plan to use or a similar service for basic semantic analysis, plus a bit of custom parsing logic because there are just so many different artist names / genre-name renditions out there. looks pretty promising as it has a very usable interface and seems really focussed on conversational analysis. Hope this helps!
@smalzner we're quietly rolling out a brand new version of our #chatbot for @recordbird_com & wanted to give you an early look! Wanna give it a spin?