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For most of the Startups, filtering tons of resumes per day from their Emails is a really tough task. Recooty is a Simple Job Board which allows you to publish jobs openings directly on your website & makes the work of Hiring Managers easier by providing them a dashboard where they can manage each and every job applicants' details and resumes according to the jobs posted. Top Features: Publish Job Openings directly on Your Website. Get filtered resumes according to the Jobs you've posted on your website. Shortlist or Reject candidates from your Recooty's account. Share job openings on social media to get 10x more job applications. Get your job openings visible on Google Job Board. Recooty is loved & trusted by 100+ companies and growing!
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Recooty has significantly improved our hiring manager productivity by giving us with a dashboard from where we can directly publish job openings on our website & managing job applications has become easier than ever :)


Makes hiring process easier.

The best part is it shows all the applicants' resumes according to the jobs I have posted on my website.


Nothing in particular.

Thank you! Hope you enjoy using Recooty :)
This tool helps to handle all job application on one platform. If you mess up with other job application management platform So I highly recommended try this tool once. :) :)
@manish_vision Thank you for your kind words.
@manish_vision thanks a ton mate, we're trying to make HR teams' experiences super awesome :)
Wow. Amazing, there's a lot job boards startups, but this is for the HR teams. Congrats, guys!
@diegonlly thanks a ton mate, we're trying to make HR teams' experiences super awesome :)

One of the best tool for the recruiters as hiring candidates and it's process is very tough and Reccoty makes the hiring process very easy.

To all my friends who are get messed up with hiring, I would highly recommend to use this product.


1. Hiring easy

2. Easily manage candidate database

3. Make life easy for recruiters.

4. Good UI/UX

6. Easy to integrate with any website


Didn't found anything till yet

Thank you! Hope you enjoy using Recooty :)