Close deals and onboard your clients in record time

Tired of countless emails and spreadsheets? Recapped simplifies the back-and-forth of complex deals. Collaborate with clients on next steps, manage contracts, and communicate in real-time. Seamlessly go from your first sales call all the way through onboarding
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Hey PH, Mark here. I'm the co-founder and CEO of Recapped ๐ŸŽ‰ If you're in sales, then you know that most of your time is spent chasing stakeholders, managing emails, and hoping nothing falls apart. Especially with larger, more complex deals. That's why we built Recapped, the first client-facing project management platform. Just create a document in Recapped, upload some content, assign some next steps for clients, and share the link. Recapped helps you close deals faster and seamlessly onboard clients. We're excited to announce our integration with Salesforce, and offer a promo for 30% off your first year of Recapped (just use PROMO30 at checkout) Love to hear your thoughts, and I'm here to answer your questions :) - Mark
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Customers need accountability and spreadsheets don't get the job done. In complex sales you are a consultant as much as anything, and Recapped helps you help your customers take the actions they need to take in order to partner with you.
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Love this! I had a chance to try out Recapped back in the early days, and it has grown to become a real game-changer! So many deals get lost needlessly in the follow-up stage. And staying on top of that is super difficult - especially with larger contract sizes that take longer to close. Recapped has made a massive difference there and I can't recommend it enough!
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@louisnicholls_ thanks for the kind words! Glad to know we helped out
This is incredible! So easy to use!
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@mark_fer1 This is great. If I create a plan and share it with a potential customer/client, do they need to create a Recapped account to start using it?
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@urbanorganism Great question Yasser. No, that's the beauty of Recapped. You can easily share plans with a potential client through just a link. No usernames or passwords.
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