The only crypto tax product with end-to-end encryption

Recap is the only crypto tax calculator with end-to-end encryption. It lets you collect all of your cryptocurrency related data in one highly secure place, and then calculate your tax gain/loss - All whilst ensuring your private financial data remains yours!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I have first hand experience of using Recap to complete my tax returns and consider it to be the most accurate and secure solution available. Whenever I have needed customer support they have been quick and efficient.
Hello everyone! Recap aims to make cryptocurrency taxation simple and quick, whilst allowing you to maintain control over your own financial data. We are UK based and will be expanding our tax services to the US by January 2020. Users from all over the world can already connect their accounts and use the portfolio tracking and analytics for absolutely free! Very excited to get your feedback and any suggestions - George
How do you plan to monetize your product?
I have already found the answers, . . . you have plans . .
@ronnie_christopher_horvat Hey Ronnie! Yes, we have already monetised our product through an annual subscription, with pricing tiers based on the number of transactions the user has conducted in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We also have a refer-a-friend system where referrers get a 20% commission in Bitcoin, and referred users get a 20% discount!
@george_benton TNX, is app suitable for European countries as well?!
@ronnie_christopher_horvat we expect to have support for most EU countries early this year.
@daniel_howitt TNX for replay. Is there any possibility that we, who are interested can get involved in this area?
Awesome to see this product here, I used Recap not too long ago for my Personal Tax Return, saved me 4 figures and my accountant said the info provided was spot on
My tax return would have a been a significant headache without this tool! Thank you recap!
@windle Thanks Oliver!