Rebrandly for Teams

Together, create and share branded links

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Hey Hunters! Davide from Rebrandly here. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our new feature: Rebrandly for Teams. This is one that our fantastic user base has been asking for.... Don’t worry, we’ve heard you! Rebrandly for Teams is perfect for teams to share branded links using the same custom domain. Agencies can use it to share links on behalf of their clients, companies can assign a branded domain to all employees, universities can give students and alumni the ability to share links with their alma mater’s domain. Even families can use it for parties, weddings, birthdays, reunions and more! You can read more about teams here: http://Rebrandly.Blog/TeamsFeature or if you’re not using Rebrandly yet you can sign up at Rebrandly for Teams is for everyone so check it out and let us know what you think. Happy Hunting!
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Rebrandly for Teams makes everyone's lives easier! They can be used for: Large projects- when you need to invite colleagues from different departments/regions Agencies- when you need access to your clients' domains for specific campaigns Companies- assign a branded link to your employees alongside their email address for internal or external sharing Universities- provide students with a branded link associated with the institution, give them an alumni link when they graduate Celebrities & big brands- create a branded link fans can use to share pictures, social posts and more Families- create a domain using your surname, then share invitations and posts with the rest of the family These are just a few possibilities! If you want to learn how to create a team, read more here: Happy Hunting!