Rebound Offline Dating is for you. Anonymously get matched with a person nearby and meet at a location provided by us within minutes.

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Cool concept about setting up a meeting and you providing the location vs. the back and forth deciding a place/time. What's the tinder swipe equivalent to filter matches on Rebound? Is it also a swipe/like/match? So this would be an on-demand only thing where you can't be on the app unless you want to actually go on a date in the next 15/30 minutes?
@sidsriramoju, We use an algorithm similar to speed dating, but hyperlocal. Since we focus on "Getting Dates right now!", we will look for the most recently active and nearby user. It's up to them if he/she likes the person. If not, the user will be matched with next active user. If you put it in analogy with tinder, consider the profile you are seeing on tinder is also seeing you at the same time, so "Like" OR "Dislike" happens in real time. As for on-demand, yes it is actually on-demand. You are hanging out at a bar and want to hook-up or go on a casual date with some right now! Then you have Rebound app for this. We are also going to launch "Rebound Events" feature in partnerships with select restaurants in NYC and other cities in the US which might not fall in the on-demand category. But more on that later. :)
@apoorvsaini thanks for the explanation. Very cool!
Hey @apoorvsaini, How is this app different from what's out there already? And what made you build it?
@jacqvon , Rebound is all about Now and meeting Offline. I don't think there are any other apps focusing on the offline part of dating and if so, not in the right way. We try to reduce the friction among users in deciding where to meet and when to meet with as minimum conversation as possible (we are not focused on long-term dating, just the casual). + Rebound doubles up as Uber for dating once you get matched with someone nearby. Rebound lets you know how far your date is from the meeting point (restaurants etc.) and how much time will they take. PS: This will only happen if both of you agree to meet each other + The privacy of users and tackling online catfishing is of utmost importance. Hence we don't use the names or phone numbers and users get to see each other in real time for 10 seconds + Your device is your identity and if any user is reported due to bad behavior or spoofing gender on the app, he/she can never get a date on Rebound ever again As we grow, we will keep making it better and explore new ways to make offline dating more intuitive for our users. This is just the beginning for us, so bear with us as we will keep on improving along the way.
Good idea, a better concept to meet new people!
I like this approach a lot. I also like chivalry and do you have Uber integrated? It would be nice if you could literally offer the ride to the one you want to meet and pay for it
@guus_hoeve hi Guus, we dont have uber integrated right now but it will be there for sure in the next version(when Rebound comes for Android). Thank you for the suggestion 😄
We have made some changes in Rebound app, with the focus now on NYC area. Do check it out. Rebound is now available for Android too!