Create your own chat bot for Facebook, Slack and web

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Build once and publish on multiple platforms... also comes with analytics to test performance.
Love the cross-platform functionality. #MajorKey @rebotify @erictwillis @han_ma
Thanks @elizabethhunker. We are keeping improve it, please stay tuned.
Hi Everyone Han from Rebotify here, thank you Eric @erictwillis for hunting this. We believe very much in bot economy. We believe bots are the new apps. We believe the conversational interface is the future. Every enterprise, every small business, even an ordinary people should have a chat bot to represent themselves. The purpose of Rebotify is to help people with different background create chat bot according to their needs. We see chat bot is one of the communication channels. The major issue we found to build a chat bot nowadays is people have to build a bot for each of the messaging platforms. We keep this in mind during the design process of Rebotify "Don't repeat yourself (DRY)". The users only need to build the bot once and publish on multiple platforms. Our drag-n-drop designer is a very simple way to create the chat bot workflow. It is easy and fast. People can create a simple bot from scratch in few minutes. We did not stop there. The templates module are around the corner. We hope people can use Rebotify to build a chat bot with just a few clicks. We know there are lots of contents on other social media platforms. We are also working on the integrations. The Youtube and Instagram connectors will be available next week. A.I. will be next interesting feature. We are going to add to your bot. Wish we can get your bots a lot smarter than you expect. Any ideas, thoughts or feedback are welcome, please contact me at We hope you love it as much as we do.
@han_ma Is there any documentation to help users create one? I signed up but honestly had no idea what was going on. There's new terminology which is introduced without an explanation. How are you defining a card, unit, broadcast unit etc Once its published is the user dependent on Rebotify infrastructure? Or is it independently packaged into, say, a slack bot package?
@haichenw Hi Haichen, Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We are working on the tutorial videos, please stay tuned. Yes, your bots are hosted on our server. In the future, we probably will have an export functionality.
like the product :)
@hussein_shtia Thanks Hussein
Wow! Looks great so far @han_ma. What's a boardcast unit?
@tonydbaker Hi Tony, Via a broadcast unit, you can send a one-off message to all your bot users.
@han_ma Okay thanks. I was confused by the typo. I can't wait to see how the broadcast works. Good idea. Side note: My main interest in bots was to find a way to help notify customers that their order was marked completed (triggered by WooCommerce) similar to how Shopify does in Messenger now.
@tonydbaker Hi Tony, Thanks for your feedback. We will have Webhooks integration soon. Once we have it, you should be able to add a Webhook to WooCommerce and link it to Rebotify. We will keep you updated.