Reboot Podcast - Fred Wilson and Brad Feld with Jerry Colonna

VC friends of 20 years discuss building strong partnerships.

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Notes: "Wisdom, then, is a deeper way of knowing. Wisdom is the art of living in rhythm with your soul, your life, and the divine. Wisdom is the way that you learn to decipher the unknown; and the unknown is our closest companion. So wisdom is the art of being courageous and generous with the unknown, of being able to decipher and recognize its treasures." - John O'Donohue from "Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom" We are so fortunate to welcome Brad Feld (@bfeld) and Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) back to the Reboot Podcast. Jerry, Brad, and Fred have a friendship and history that goes back 20 years, and the wealth of experience between them is truly incredible. In what we hope will be a series of conversations, Fred, Brad, and Jerry share stories from the past, moments where they were pushed to their limits physically and emotionally. They talk about the critical steps they've taken to being an effective and supportive board member and investor, and how the lessons from past painful experiences show up in the values of their firms.
@bentossell @bfeld @fredwilson In Kabbalah, Wisdom is the wellspring from which flow the drops of water in the river of Knowledge.
This was immensely valuable and relevant conversation. Thank you for this. :)