RebelMail API

The world's first API for interactive email.

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I feel like it a simple email box on your landing page would be a perfect opportunity to send interested people a demo email, show off your features and maybe get them to sign up right from the email. I'd love to see those emails in action in my own email client!
@bschne hear you 100%, I'll let you know when we get a demo request up there. In the mean time check out our blog post for some more clarity ( and keep your eyes peeled, we're sending emails with a number of large customers.
So, I was on the landing page, and I still don't quite get it. Are these HTML emails that allow interactivity? an example of an email would be nice (I got examples [? did I] from the pictures on the PH post, but not in the landing page)
@joantune Yes, these are HTML emails that allow for true interactivity inside of your email client. I'll let you know when we launch a demo request. For some more clarity check out our blog post and marketing pages for some more concrete examples. &
Seems impressive, but I agree a demo or an example should be visible or sent. Subscribed anyway, curious to see it in action.
@mrdobelina Thanks for signing up, we'll let you know when we have launched a demo request.
Is this product still alive? The developer page is a dead link and I can hardly have a reply on my emails.