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#5 Product of the DayMay 09, 2018

Reason8.AI 2.0 is a service that turns conversations into summaries. We created it for project managers, executive assistants, business analysts and everyone making meeting notes and follow-ups. We use multiple smartphones and AI patent pending approach to create a usable meeting transcript and draft meeting summaries.

  • Emme SINGER
    Emme SINGERMaking space

    Never miss a thing!


    If you ASK n GET PERMISSION to record FIRST

    1) I know Chiefs who would clam up tight if they knew they were being recorded. I know their employees would do the same, but for different reasons. Recording leads to inhibition and saying what needs to be heard -- which is different, we all know, from saying what needs to be said. So yes, end result = easy summary notes detailing far fewer details and/or obvious details. 2) Consider GDPR: "One of the key changes to the current data protection framework involves audio recordings; businesses will need to actively justify the capture of conversations and the processing of personal data." While I have and do sometimes record conversations (I also broadcast typed notes for participants to see and comment on as they are made), I would not use a random product like this one that can potentially get me into a legal bind.

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    The app I really missed


    Early release.

    Really like the product

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Sophia Arakelyan
Sophia Arakelyan@sophia_arakelyan · AI Evangelist
Sounds like a very useful tool for journalists and writers.
Vlad Belyaev
Vlad BelyaevMaker@vladislav_belyaev · Co-founder & CEO @
@sophia_arakelyan Thanks) really appreciate your feedback
Julia I
Julia IMaker@julia_isachenkova · CMO at
Hey hunters! Check out this cool service! Since the last release we at @Reason8ai have been working day and night to bring you to the next level of meeting experience. Now I can easily stay in the conversational flow with my friends during a meeting, leaving notetaking to the app. And during the last month Reason8 saved me hours with follow ups and sharing meeting notes. Give it a try and good luck Reason8!
John Faig
John Faig@johnfaig · Aspiring product strategist.
@reason8ai @julia_isachenkova You should strongly consider a product for education. This is particularly disruptive in education!
Sergey Plis
Sergey PlisMaker@sergey_plis
Hi everyone! We are excited to announce a major update to our service: Reason8 2.0. Thank you all for your feedback and support of our prior release. Reason8 is a service that accelerates creation of meeting summaries for in-person meetings. Give it a try - it is free! Simply download Reason8 mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Get everyone to a meeting room. Join reason8 apps on their phones. Hold your meeting while Reason8 captures it. And don’t forget to use our web service @ to create meeting summaries instantly and share the result with your teammates! Use of multiple smartphones and AI is our patent pending approach to boosting quality of speaker identification and letting all participants own the results. And it scales to larger meetings too. Try it with 6 participants. Furthermore, we are actively working on advanced summarization, collaboration features for teamwork, and integrations with project management services and communication tools. We're always here to help with any questions! Don't hesitate to share your feedback, thoughts, or just say "Hi!". Drop us a line at Welcome to the meeting adventure with cutting edge AI technologies! We work hard to break the status quo of how people create meeting summaries and conduct meetings. Join us on this exciting journey! Turn Conversations Into Summaries @
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@reason8 @sergey_plis how are you able to offer this for free? I understand every competitor charges an arm and a leg for transcription services
Vlad Belyaev
Vlad BelyaevMaker@vladislav_belyaev · Co-founder & CEO @
@tombielecki We see that the main value for project managers and businesses is not in a transcript but in a handy tool for preparing meeting minutes -> and AI assistant for meeting at the end in the future. As for our end users - it is free. PLease check it out :) But for companies who might be interested in additional collaboration tools - we are open for discussion :) Please send me a word @
Sam Lowry
Sam Lowry@samlowry · zenterpreneur
@sergey_plis I’d like to see such service for voicemessages and chats in fb messenger, telegram, with support of English/Russian
Vlad Belyaev
Vlad BelyaevMaker@vladislav_belyaev · Co-founder & CEO @
@samlowry Thanks for your feedback - we are working day and night on new feature frequests :) Will consider it surely
Stefano Pisoni
Stefano Pisoni@stefano_pisoni · CMO, JotURL Srl
Super Idea Julia! Thanks for sharing.
Julia I
Julia IMaker@julia_isachenkova · CMO at
@stefano_pisoni glad to hear that! Thank you
Shiran Sanjeewa
Shiran Sanjeewa@shiran_sanjeewa · Enterprise UX Architect
I've got a meeting in few hours going to try this out. Super excited.
Vlad Belyaev
Vlad BelyaevMaker@vladislav_belyaev · Co-founder & CEO @
@shiran_sanjeewa Great, please tell your colleagues about our product - they need to install it also to get the best quality of transcription. And we would appreciate your feedback :)