UPD' 2019: RealtimeBoard is now called Miro.

RealtimeBoard is an online whiteboard for remote product teams. Over 2M users use us to review and plan sprints together, map complex flowcharts, create and discuss prototypes and present research results.

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Chris, thanks for hunting us! It’s a huge pleasure to have a chance to talk to experts and tech-enthusiasts from the Product Hunt community. Hey, Product Hunters! This idea stole our hearts and minds about four years ago and we’ve been building and improving it ever since. Today we’re thrilled to meet you guys and present RealtimeBoard 2.0. RealtimeBoard is a platform designed to make remote visual collaboration simple and straightforward for everyone. Small teams and companies worldwide use it for interface development, user flow mapping, storytelling, brainstorming as well as other unique and curious use cases. We spent many hours making the interface as intuitive as possible. Our boards are equipped with hand-crafted templates, colorful post-it notes, essential whiteboarding tools and a growing list of integrations. Every board is saved and synced in real-time, so you can have colleagues join a session from multiple locations for some live action, or contribute whenever they feel like it. Take a tour on the website, give it a try and let us know what you think! We’re here to answer any questions and talk about the product.
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I hunted 1.0 a year ago and wow, what a difference a year makes. There was a lot of criticism back then about the UX and reliance on Flash... happily the team has moved away to standard web technologies are excited to launch 2.0 with a solid discount for Product Hunters!
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i still use RTB regularly from back in the flash days. After learning and depending on the hotkeys/shortcuts, I have continued to default back to wireframing and flowcharting with it cus I'm super fast and efficient. I don't know what it is about an unlimited white space but my mind doesn't seem to work vertically like a doc or even a spreadsheet forces it to. With RTB, I can "go off on a tantrum" where my mind wanders on a specific idea or direction and continue going. It's weird, but somehow it just makes sense to me. Regardless, I LOVE it and I'm a happy annual customer on several accounts while forcing the companies I work with to get on it or I quit. haha Props @khusya and team and I hope RTB continues on. It 100% deserves the top spot today.
@taylorhou wow, thanks so much Taylor! Your support means a whole lot to us :)
Looks great! I like the focus on boards and cards. One nitpick from me that I've seen pretty much everywhere lately: the explainer video has zero footage of the actual product. Maye I'm not the target audience, but when I come across products like this I think "okay it's another team collaboration tool, let's see how they do it better than XYZ" and want to see it in action. Instead, the video (like most) just describes the problem in macro terms with cartoons and then implies that this product solves it - but doesn't tell me how exactly it's different than the other 5000 tools for this. I'd actually prefer to see the solution in action in high fidelity. A good example of an "in action" video that still retains a lot of creative and storytelling is one here by Squarespace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?ti...
@colemercer thanks for the great feedback, Cole! Really enjoyed the Squarespace video, totally get you about seeing the product in action. Here's one of our live action videos — not as fancy as the one you linked, but it does show the interface and features:
Our website got a complete makeover not long ago, so it might actually do a better job showcasing the product and explaining how we're different: https://realtimeboard.com/features/
@khusya @colemercer Thanks a lot :) I do think your website does a fantastic job of explaining it!
Awesome product! We used earlier versions a whille ago for live collaboration and despite a few glitches it worked just great. Really impressive collaboration for the whole team. Will need to give the updated version a spin with my new team.