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Realm is the only database built from the ground up to be used on mobile. To date, it’s been available for Objective-C, Swift, & Java. Today we launched Realm React Native! We want to make data management easy for every mobile app, and let you worry about other things, like huge success & where to store all your money. If you’re interested in building amazing apps with React Native, check out Realm React Native, & ask us your questions!
Hey there! Tim, VP Product at Realm here. Excited to launch this 4th major product in 2 years, and would love to answer any questions y’all have!
@timanglade I don't see an actual join or sign-up button on the web site. Edit: Oh. Maybe it's not a cloud data hosting service ;) Just install the npm module.
@joostschuur That’s it :) we’re a library you install directly in your app, not an online service (yet! :p)
@timanglade how about nodejs? Same API but for server
@siuying That’s not supported yet, because we need to add support for each JavaScript engine at a time, React Native uses JavaScriptCore and we support that, but Node uses V8 which we don’t support yet. It’s definitely on our wish list though!
Hey Guys/Gals! Congrats on the new product. I've been a massive fan of Realm over the last two years and have built a few iOS apps using it. Really happy to see you guys spreading those wings. Best of luck with the adventure!
@xmcgraw Thanks for the kind words, David! Let us know if we can do anything to help :)
Congrats on the launch! Any plans for supporting React.js web apps?
@kokev Hey Kevin! We'd like to, but it's not possible technically without browser modifications or browsers officially embedding Realm. For now, we're React Native only!
Are there any apps that are using this in production that we could check out? Nothing like an example in the wild :D
@_gordee Absolutely! TaskRabbit has been using this in production since December 2015. It’s their Tasker app, so not publicly available, but they’ve been pretty happy. Here is their RN writeup that mentions us: