Realm Mobile Platform

A platform for creating reactive mobile apps effortlessly.

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Former Realm employee here. So glad to see the team finally launch this. I've seen them work their asses for years (literally!) to launch something I know Realm’s 100k+ dev community was clamoring for from day one but was really hard to build. I'm biased of course but honestly I think they have soft-key shipped one of the most transformational mobile technologies ever: real-time, conflict-free sync that works as well offline as online. There was a lot of literature on this of course but bringing it all together in one product was something else! From engineering to marketing, product & founders I know they've sweated to get here and I'm just so, so happy for them. I know they will make a lot of developers and customers happy, and for that I say: bravo.
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Installed, so far, the process & documentation are on point, and the design is pretty as heck. #ImmaFan @mrpatrickrogers @pkopacki @craighosang @mrh_is @anderson760
@elizabethhunker thanks Elizabeth! Look forward to seeing what you make. It's been a long time coming :)
Hey everyone! We launched Realm Mobile Platform as a new offering that integrates Realm's fully open-source client-side database for iOS and Android with new server-side technology providing realtime synchronization, conflict resolution, and reactive event handling. The Realm Mobile Platform makes it easy for mobile developers to create apps with difficult-to-build features like realtime collaboration, messaging, offline-first experiences, and more.
It sounds pretty cool, And if u compare to firebase,what makes this special..?
@peppiboy Besides being slightly different in terms of functionality and usage, Firebase hosts the server for you. With Realm, you have to download and host yourself (e.g. on AWS, Rackspace, Heroku, Digital Ocean etc) if you want a remote backend.
Looks promising... How it is compared to Couchbase server, Sync and Couchbase Lite ?
@engmsaleh Speaking as one of the Realm team: At a high-level Realm is object-based, not an ORM. This can save a ton of boiler plate code when you work with objects directly. Realm Mobile Platform (Enterprise Edition) is designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and any backend (vs. just Couchbase Server).
@craighosang as I understand Couchbase server can be integrated with any backend also via APIs, Am I correct?
@engmsaleh So I asked one of our product managers to explain and I got the "long answer." Happy to provide in detail if needed, but the tl;dr is, for a scenario like moving data from Couchbase to Postgres, you would need to query it with their server APIs and trigger the data replication to Postgres in some other complex way; whereas with Realm you can just map the data directly to Postgres.
@craighosang Thanks a lot , I would be happy if you provide me the long answer as we are currently developing one of our products using Couchbase. We have investigated Realm along the way , but the lack of server, syncing and conflict resolution at that point was that made us work with Couchbase. Couchbase to us is a complete solution but it lacks a lot of developer-friendly documents unlike Realm. I would be happy if you sent me details at my email Thanks a lot Craig.