Really Simple Finance was designed to help people keep track of incomes and expenses the easiest way possible.

The idea is to add transactions with only a date, description and amount. You can always see a summary on top. There's also a Today View Widget.

Data can be imported/exported using a csv file.

Let me know what you think about it!

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Hey @mactanaka, What makes this finance tracking app different from others out there and what aspect are you most proud of?
Hi @jacqvon, thank you for asking! To me the difference is on the way I’ve removed everything but the essential from it. So, for example, there’s no category, location, different accounts... I’ve built it to be perfect for the way I track my incomes and spendings. Hopefully it will be useful for others who do it the same way I do 😊 What I like the most about this app is how practical it is to use. Also the look and feel and the nice animations I’ve put into it!
@jacqvon @mactanaka Is the only way to import data via csv? Any plans to integrate with banking apps so its all automated?
@jacqvon @abadesi Yes, csv is the only way to import data. Right now I'm working on other features like search and authentication, after that I can have a look into possible integrations! 🙂