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Matthew Smith — Designer | Inventor | Entrepreneur
@byosko @kingsleyharris great question. They are good emails because of the way they serve customers with good design and appropriate content, in their context. Conversion and data is something that I'd love for the companies to share with me if they are open to that.

@allnick maybe you should start In the meantime I disagree with you. Note the commentary in the emails and see if you think that I'm focusing on aesthetic issues only. I think you'll see I'm not.

@KateKendall conversion is not everything. Boobs convert as GoDaddy has shown, but they aren't the best service to customers. Our beloved Apple focuses first on instinct (appropriately so) and second on data. But again, I'd love to add a blog to this site that could showcase the things you're learning. Reach out if you'd like to write on your findings there.

@andycook total objectivity is a myth :) - this comes from the last several years of product experience.

@all this is great feedback. I'm not trying to make a perfect site here, just a good resource for designing reasonably effective and well designed emails that really serve customers – as opposed to hectic overllinked emails driven by spammy SEO thinking.
Ben Yoskovitz — Entrepreneur, investor & author
Only question I have here is how do we know if these emails really are good? Did they do what they were supposed to? There are no numbers to prove it, which is too bad. I'd love to see open rates, click rates, etc.
Andrew Christison — Thinker at
@byosko This may be 3 years too late, but the company that you'd find that meets that need is They have panel data, which gives some pretty great metrics, since they're actual emails received by subscribers.
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