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Well friends, it's been a wild 5 years, but we are growing up a little bit. I'm really curious how everyone out there is doing their email game when it comes to product and ecommerce emails. Before starting Fathom & Draft (my design studio), when I was on leadership at three different startups I was always hunting for the best in class emails that other products were sending out so I could improve our own email game. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I launched it and got some friends to join in the mess with me! What's your typical flow for working on email designs and code for your product hunt products?
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@whale One of my favourite resources (and the team here too!) Thanks for all the love you put into it! New design makes it a breeze to find stuff now πŸ‘Œ
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@whale Such a great resource and it's been fun to see this evolve over the years. Nice work!
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@mutlu82 Thank you so much for the positive response. Really appreciate it. We have put a lot of love into this and some blood and some tears and some grass clippings too. It's supposed to be good for the bones. What would make the site more useful to you on the regular?
@sonomavine Thank you Steve! really appreciate the response. What would make it an even more useful tool to you?
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@whale I am such a HUGE fan of you guys! This is such a beautiful change and update. Great job!
Great work and huge UX improvement - well done Matt and team!
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@robhope Thank you Rob. Some wins, some losses. We have a long way to go. Good luck with your own work as well!
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I'm a big fan of your platform :-) Basically, using it at least once a week for inspiration. My only feedback: Have you thought about updating every category every week? There are some categories that are not frequently updated and the inspiration could be outdated. Keep rocking it!
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@gzampino really appreciate the positive and thoughtful response. More regular updates is definitely a goal of ours. We rely too on your submissions. We'll be re-adding back the submission option soon and should have some cool new tools for it. Thanks again. How do you and your team use RGE?
I'm a big fan of your website and v2.0 is such a nice improvement. For some reason with the previous version I never could navigate categories pages. They would never load but now in v2.0 everything seems fine :) Congrats
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@themesdepot Thanks so much! Love hearing this. What would make the site that much more useful to you?
Absolutely love Really Good Emails. The new interface looks catchy and good. It is very Pinterest-esque, hence easy to use and browse. Kudos guys, keep up the good work.
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@parth_sh We're definitely borrowing heavily from Pinterest, Unsplash, Dribbble, etc. Lots to learn from our big brothers and sisters :)
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