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Matthew Smith
@whale · Designer | Inventor | Entrepreneur
@khararohan thanks! You can always submit emails, and we also love guest authors for good posts.
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Ben Yoskovitz
@byosko · Entrepreneur, investor & author
Only question I have here is how do we know if these emails really are good? Did they do what they were supposed to? There are no numbers to prove it, which is too bad. I'd love to see open rates, click rates, etc.
Matthew Smith
@whale · Designer | Inventor | Entrepreneur
@byosko @kingsleyharris great question. They are good emails because of the way they serve customers with good design and appropriate content, in their context. Conversion and data is something that I'd love for the companies to share with me if they are open to that. @allnick maybe you should start highlyeffectiveemails.com? In the meantime I disagree wi… See more
@katesegrin · Community @ Product Hunt
This looks like a Pinterest board of beautiful emails, which is always fun.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just posted Responsive Email Patterns, a nice compliment to this. :)
Rohan Khara
@khararohan · Rohan Khara
@whale Thanks for creating this! I am a recent subscriber of this service after a friend sent this article: http://bit.ly/1JtL7ZF. Sometimes while writing emails, I face a roadblock on how to pen down certain thoughts effectively & reading sample emails clears these blockers. Is there anyway I can contribute?