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Thanks for posting @felix! Hey Product Hunt! I’m Javi, engineer on the Fabric mobile app team @Twitter. When we launched the app a few months ago, we heard from our users how valuable it was for them to be able to pull up data to answer questions about their app’s performance while they were in meetings. With our latest update, you can easily understand how your app’s user activity is changing over time, even on the go. You can now track how users' activity is changing over time and see your app’s growth by tracking your Daily New Users and Retention rates. Launch day is stressful for any app, so we make it easy to track adoption for your top builds and allow you to drill into the crash free users graph to see the top issues by build for any particular day. We’re thrilled to ship this new update and are excited to continue helping you make informed decisions about your app wherever you are. To get the latest, just update your app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We can’t wait for you to try it!
Does Twitter use this to monitor Twitter? 😀
I used Fabric analytics in my app, very impressed https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Superb! Congratulations for the update