Real Sales Sequences

Unedited sale sequences from teams of Hubspot, G2 & more

Companies do not disclose their sales sequences, we reached out to 1900 companies & convinced companies like Hubspot, G2, Drift, LeadIQ, Instapage, Vidyard, & more to share their real sequences along with their real results.
Now they are yours, for free.
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Nice!! Good product πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Outplay is a super powerful product and I would highly recommend it for a organisation looking to scale up their sales properly.
@mark_de_rijk thank you for your kind words.
Wow, quite an effort! Great content
@nayan_y2n Thank you Nayan!
This is going to be my weekend read. Thanks for this, guys! :)
@vimal_bharadwaj2 hope you get some actionable insights from it.
Thanks for hunting this @hnshah Hey Fam, Lax here with Outplay. Delighted to share our Real Sales Sequences book here. If you are starting with outbound sales or are stuck with unimpressive results from your current efforts, this book is for you. Sales experts from fast-growing companies (like Hubspot, G2, Vidyard, LeadIQ and more) have shared their real sales sequences and their real results (opens, clicks, replies, and more). Here is what you can expect to read for 30 plus companies in the book -  - The primary goal of their sequence - The structure of their sequence - Success Metrics for their campaign - Individual sequence Templates used at each step Sounds interesting? Get your free copy today and appreciate any feedback.
@laxmanpapineni entered my email to download the ebook and did not receive anything yet, something might be broken, can you help ? :) Looking forward to read it.
@marie_serradori Hey Marie, Shobhit from Outplay here, looking after the launch. Update: You've got mail, the ebook is in your inbox waiting to be read.
Well received ! Will leave a review after reading it, thanks for the help !
@marinersrevenge I'm also unable to access it! Entered my e-mail but haven't received anything.
@anna_bergslien hey, I can see from my account that the email has been sent from to your submitted email id. Can you confirm if you have received it?