Real Pitch Decks From 40+ Top Startups

A collection of startup pitch decks that raised $1.4 Billion


If you need to raise money for your startup, your first step will be to create a pitch deck. If you’ve never done it before and you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it can be incredibly daunting. It was for me, at least. Hence, here's a long list of decks that I often look at if I'm lacking in idea or direction. Now, you can too!

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It's always great to gather inspiration but a lot of the times, people get obsessed with copying something that worked for a successfuly person or company without grasping the context of the time and purpose it was made for.

Just because Foursquare raised $BlahBlah Million with a deck, doesn't mean that this is a $BlahBlah Million raising deck.

Ask yourself: Who was in the room? How groundbreaking was the presentation FOR IT'S TIME? (E.g. No one can ever do "Just one more thing" again)

Context is everything, and this site is good for inspiration, but it doesn't highlight the context nearly enough to make it a reference for the uneducated.


Great ideas for inspiration


Can trick people into copying things that don't work for them

Hey mate, thanks for the review. I am making the second version of this resource. Care to get on skype/call/gchat, so that I can get deeper into your review?

I could not find decks at a first glance, the button is below the fold.


Nice collection


Site is too slow from EU. SlideShare is blocked in Russia.