Real-Life UX Processes

Peek inside design at Slack, Autodesk, and others.

Hey everyone, We created this free ebook from hours of interviews with design teams at Slack, Autodesk, 3M, Kaplan, and Sumo Logic. We condensed all the insights into 67 pages. We lift the veil on UX in established companies, revealing the activities and processes that drive their product design. Hope you find it useful!
@jerrycao_uxpin Getting an oops error when trying to DL the book..
@mrbriskly Hey Phillipe, sorry about that, should be working now!
You didn't even mention the book is FREE!
@decktonic Haha, good point! Hope you like it Christian.
When I download it, it's called "UX Design in Action", not "Real-life UX Processes". It's the same book, right?
@sholtaway Ah yes it is! The email still uses the old ebook title - we'll update it!
@jerrycao_uxpin great, thanks! I skimmed it yesterday: handy case studies. Thank you!
@sholtaway @jerrycao_uxpin Cool, glad you liked it Spencer!