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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2017

Readwise sends you a daily email which helps you retain & organize your Kindle highlights effortlessly ✨ Resurface, categorize, and actually remember the lessons from books you read.

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  • Pros: 

    Finally a reason to highlight stuff in Kindle! I've been looking for a way to organize the information I've pulled out of books.


    It's still really early, it wasn't quite clear how some of the features (like deletion) work, but overall seems solid.

    There's something really fun about being able to highlight part of a book and get it reiterated over email — passive learning is really important if you're trying to retain lots of information.

    Conrad Irwin has used this product for one week.
  • Jim LyonsBlogger/analyst

    Getting these daily updates has been a joy!


    Only as good as the original highlights.

    I put as my only con - "Only as good as the original highlights" which really isn't a con, and of course makes sense - no other way this can work. Fortunately mine are pretty good, and my reading has been diverse. It's fascinating to me how one can read an entire book, highlighting away, but then just one sentence, viewed later, can be so profound/interesting/fun. It's so nice to have this random access into something I have invested my time in (the original highlighting) but was never quite sure how or if I would ever use.

    Jim Lyons has used this product for one week.


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Tristan HomsiMaker@homsit · reading+hacking at
Hey PH! We're huge fans of Kindle, but we were pained by how hard it is to revisit and organize your highlights. It would often feel like we'd read a book and have phenomenal new insights, only to forget them a couple months later. Readwise sends you a daily email with some of your best past highlights, helping you actually remember what you read. We also let you effortlessly tag and rate your highlights. This lets you organize the insights you had from your books, turning them into long-lasting wisdom. The main features: - 💫 Effortlessly sync your Kindle highlights - 📬 Receive an email with some of your best highlights, every day - 💌 Categorize your highlights with different tags e.g "entrepreneurship", "happiness" - 🤓 Never forget what you learned from a book again Even if you don't read on Kindle, we'd love to hear what you think about the product and where you'd like us to import highlights from next! We're huge reading nerds, and are just getting started on our mission of improving how people read and learn from books.
Aishwarya Hariharan@ashpapoye · Marketing at Freshworks
@homsit I just signed up and it looks great :D I sometimes forget that I can go through my highlights and this is a great way of reminding me of books I've read and loved :) I also love that you a) sent me an email immediately with my highlights and b) recommended a book to me based on the insights. Kudos!
Tristan HomsiMaker@homsit · reading+hacking at
@ashpapoye thanks so much for the feedback Aishwarya! It means a lot 🙏 do let us know if you think of any way we can make Readwise even better.
Floris van Eck@florisvaneck · AR/VR Researcher
@homsit instapaper highlights
Wojtek Nosowski@outhipped · creative director
Nice. I thought of something similar but for highlights across kindle, instapaper and chrome. Used Google Keep for ssaving and tagging quotes but it's buggy. Good luck!
Tristan HomsiMaker@homsit · reading+hacking at
@outhipped Thanks Wojtek! Would love to hear more about that project -- I'm
Cory Bray@cory_bray · CEO, CareerSofia
I've been using Readwise (f/k/a Rekindled) for a few months and LOVE IT! Like the Dos Equis guy...I don't read all the time, but when I do, I re-inforce it with Readwise. It's a graet product with a talented and passionate team behind it!
Kenna@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
This is great. It has some of the features that I loved with Readmill. Do you plan on having profiles and more social sharing capabilities?
Tristan HomsiMaker@homsit · reading+hacking at
Key @kenna, thanks for this! Glad you like it. We're currently still hyper-focused on giving readers the best way to organize and retain what they read. What really excites us, moreso than social, is making books a better way to learn. That being said, anything is possible -- super interested to hear more about why you loved Readmill.
Kenna@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
@homsit I see. Then the only difference right now with Amazon's native highlights page are tags and favourites. Although I'm not sure how favourites work, cos if I highlighted something, aren't they a favourite already? In Amazon you can search which is not available with Readwise. I would like to see a tag cloud and drag and drop functionalities. Because to be honest, I will not go through all my highlights just to tag each of them. Another thing, I've been looking for something like this for years now and I mainly use the old school pen and paper because I read on both Kindly and iBooks and also quite a lot of physical books, a possible integration for all of them perhaps? Although the daily email for me is already a winner.
Tristan HomsiMaker@homsit · reading+hacking at
@kenna Gotcha. For favorites, we've found that people usually indeed highlight what they like, but there are a few highlights per book which really draw out some insight or make an impact on the person -- favoriting is usually for those :) Searching: to come soon! :) Tagging gripes: I hear you. We've actually built a clever way to tag your highlights as you make them while reading, which may help. I'll shoot you an email about how it works in a bit. Different reading integrations: for sure! We're very excited to add integrations for different platforms. iBooks sounds interesting, I'll do some digging into how feasible it is to get the highlights out of it.
Kenna@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
@homsit thanks and best of luck!
Kenna@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
@homsit just saw iBooks integration and freeform! So happy :)
Doug Lane@dlane · InfoSec product guy @ Vaultive
I really enjoyed using Readwise during the private beta. It was fun to re-surface things that I once found interesting (but soon after forgot about), and I now find myself highlighting more often. It was clear from all of my interactions with the team that you guys are listening to users and really thinking hard about how to make the service great. Congrats on the milestone!