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Effortlessly rediscover and organize your Kindle highlights

Readwise sends you a daily email which helps you retain & organize your Kindle highlights effortlessly ✨ Resurface, categorize, and actually remember the lessons from books you read.

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Hey PH! We're huge fans of Kindle, but we were pained by how hard it is to revisit and organize your highlights. It would often feel like we'd read a book and have phenomenal new insights, only to forget them a couple months later. Readwise sends you a daily email with some of your best past highlights, helping you actually remember what you read. We also let you effortlessly tag and rate your highlights. This lets you organize the insights you had from your books, turning them into long-lasting wisdom. The main features: - 💫 Effortlessly sync your Kindle highlights - 📬 Receive an email with some of your best highlights, every day - 💌 Categorize your highlights with different tags e.g "entrepreneurship", "happiness" - 🤓 Never forget what you learned from a book again Even if you don't read on Kindle, we'd love to hear what you think about the product and where you'd like us to import highlights from next! We're huge reading nerds, and are just getting started on our mission of improving how people read and learn from books.
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@homsit I just signed up and it looks great :D I sometimes forget that I can go through my highlights and this is a great way of reminding me of books I've read and loved :) I also love that you a) sent me an email immediately with my highlights and b) recommended a book to me based on the insights. Kudos!
@ashpapoye thanks so much for the feedback Aishwarya! It means a lot 🙏 do let us know if you think of any way we can make Readwise even better.
@homsit instapaper highlights

There's something really fun about being able to highlight part of a book and get it reiterated over email — passive learning is really important if you're trying to retain lots of information.


Finally a reason to highlight stuff in Kindle! I've been looking for a way to organize the information I've pulled out of books.


It's still really early, it wasn't quite clear how some of the features (like deletion) work, but overall seems solid.

Thanks Conrad! We're working hard on making the mental models for our users simpler and more clear. More to come soon :)

I actually stumbled upon Readwise in searching for a way increase the efficiency of the time I spend reading. It's been awesome to see it grow from 5 highlights in an email to the customization features today. Not only has it succeeded in helping me to retain more of the books I've read, it's also encouraged me to form positive habits around highlighting key sections as I read.


I love how it keeps the things I've read fresh in my mind, and incentivizes me to pay attention to key passages as I read


Some limitations around organizing highlights into groups but the newest features are making strong strides in that direction

Thanks for being candid Jacob. We're still figuring out the best way to implement tagging and organization in a way that's useful. This article is very much front of mind: More to come on this front soon!
Nice. I thought of something similar but for highlights across kindle, instapaper and chrome. Used Google Keep for ssaving and tagging quotes but it's buggy. Good luck!
@outhipped Thanks Wojtek! Would love to hear more about that project -- I'm
I've been using Readwise (f/k/a Rekindled) for a few months and LOVE IT! Like the Dos Equis guy...I don't read all the time, but when I do, I re-inforce it with Readwise. It's a graet product with a talented and passionate team behind it!