The best way to remember your ebooks & articles πŸ“š

Readwise makes it easy to revisit the best parts of what you read πŸ€“

Here's how it works:

- Sync your highlights from Kindle, iBooks, Instapaper, or Highly

- Review the best parts easily through a daily email, web, or mobile

- Retain more from your ebooks/articles

You'll actually use your highlights, and get the most out of your reading πŸš€

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Hey PH! When we first launched the beta of Readwise about a year ago, it was just an MVP to help you resurface your Kindle highlights. Since then, we've transformed Readwise into a fully-featured product which helps you grow wiser and get the most out your reading, no matter where you do it. The first huge step we took was to add highlights from every reading source we could: πŸ“” iBooks πŸ“° Instapaper πŸ– Highly πŸ“—πŸŽ΅ Physical/Audiobooks (still experimental) βœ’οΈ Freeform text πŸ“ƒ Kindle Clippings documents (such as PDFs) We also made Readwise web app the one central hub you need to store, organize, and easily access your highlights, no matter where you are. This meant building out: πŸ”Ž Fast and powerful search, across all of your highlights (looks like this: ) βš™οΈ Deep customization of your daily reviews, including number of highlights, frequency, time πŸ“š A bookshelf where you can explore, rate, and share your books (e.g ) ✈️ Export (of your highlights) to Evernote and csv Finally, we added a business model! We spent a lot of time deliberating the virtues of raising venture capital vs. bootstrapping our business, and ultimately decided to go the route of bootstrapping and a small monthly fee. You can read more about why we made this decision here: We can now confidently say that if you read digitally and highlight at all, Readwise is the best way to remember, and actually use, what you read. That being said, we still have tons we want to build, and lots of work to do :) Would love to hear your feedback!
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@homsit Hey, Have you considered a chrome extension? I read many of articles online and sometimes just want to save a snippet / stat or highlight from that article for future use.. currently no efficient (and meaningful) way of doing that.
@__racha hey Racha -- we've thought about building one, but we realized that great web highlighterss already existed and opted to simply integrate with them instead. For the type of highlighting you're describing, I'd definitely recommend using We have an integration where you can highlight with Highly's extension, and have all of your highlights synced automatically to Readwise for reviewing :) Hope that helps!
@homsit congrats Tristan!
This app has become an indefensible part of my creative workflow. Knowing that my kindle highlights will surface encourages me to highlight as I read. As a result I end up remembering more of what I read, and I get inspired at random times when I get readwise emails. Great work guys!
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This is amazing. Any chance you will be rolling out an integration with pocket??
@rrrrobi Hey Robert, thanks for reaching out! We'd love to integrate Pocket highlights (at this point, it's also probably our #1 user request), but unfortunately for now, Pocket's API does not support Highlight Retrieval, so it's not yet possible. We've been reaching out and asking them about it periodically, so hopefully they make highlights accessible soon.As soon as they do build that Highlight Retrieval API, we'll definitely integrate with them! cc @nateweiner :P
@nateweiner @homsit just sent my request to Pocket πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I've been using Readwise for well over a year now and it's one of the only emails that I read EVERY TIME. I have over 10,000 Kindle highlights from extensive reading, color-coded by my own categorization system. Readwise is part of my "trusted system" of knowledge management so I can write great books. I know that if I highlight something, at some point in the future, that thing will make it back into my inbox. I consistently get ideas when Readwise resurfaces my old knowledge in my inbox. I also love the web interface, which lets me tag highlights, and easily share highlights with Twitter followers. I use Readwise to help me decide what to write about. Read a book > Share highlights with Twitter followers > Write more about the concepts that resonated with my followers. I love it – I hope they stick around for a long time.

By far one of the best newsletters I receive. If only because it gives me a daily reminder that the timeless things – which is what books do for me – often trump our obsession with breaking news. Plus, it's a great qual research tool.


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