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Lasse Clausen
Lasse Clausen@lalleclausen · Founder, FOUNDD
I love the idea of speed reading but have to say that I tried both and Spreed is much better. Gives you a pop up that is nicely centred in the screen, you can pause easily with the space bar and change more settings easier. Other nice add ons are that on any web page it gives you can estimate of how long it will take to speed read it and you get statistics: Time saved by using Spreed: 10 minutes, 31 seconds Your average reading speed: 508 WPM Total time spent: 6 minutes, 50 seconds Total words read: 3471 words
Matthew Randell
Matthew RandellMaker@randellma · Readsy
@lalleclausen Thanks for giving Readsy a try! Spreed and extensions like it are great for reading articles and other pages with a main content section. But I intended Readsy to be more deeply integrated into the core browsing experience and used to speed read the main article content as well as the shorter content sections of a page such as a wordy reddit comment or a short subsection blurb without having to select it or have a reading widget overlaid on top of the rest of the page content.
Aleksandr Golovatyi
Aleksandr Golovatyi@aleksandrgolovatyi · Web Developer with Reading books passion
@lalleclausen I also use this one app, I like both them -
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHunterHiring@staringispolite · Part-time CMO and startup advisor
It's a Chrome extension that instantly creates a Spritz style speed-reading tool right in the browser by double clicking where you want it to start (or copy/pasting text in to the extension's popup if you prefer).