Speed reading iPhone app

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This reminds me of a popular products that was on PH early on: Velocity. Have you tried this, @KristoferTM?
@rrhoover Ditto. Been trying this one out since yesterday and it's pretty nice. Have tried a couple of the other ones too (got rid of a browser plugin one I had for a bit), none seem to be too much different from one another from what I can tell. As long as they make it easy to add articles, and link with Pocket and such, it does the job
Would love for Amazon to integrate something like this into Kindle, or allow third party companies like this to do so.
@torbahax I use Scribd for reading online with Readlax Chrome ext -
Does this one let you add from Pocket? I see the Instapaper integration, but my Pocket reading list is too long...
I use Pocket as well, would love to see integration. I was surprised the app was free. How do they monetize?