Save tweets for later with a handy twitter bot

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@msg has been playing around with a similar project. Personally, I find Pocket good enough for saving links for later but I love the creativity and generally interested in Invisible Apps like this.
@rrhoover yeah, i really like @msg's bot; it serves a different use-case, though. I'm using both his and mine with great results. I know lots of people use and enjoy Pocket, Instapaper, etc... but lots of Twitter users don't know what those are, and ReadLaterBot provides a nice way to save tweets without needing any other service than Twitter. I know habits are hard to change, but I'd encourage you to try ReadLaterBot for tweets just a few times and see how it compares (I'd like to know personally, because I don't use Pocket that often, and it would be interesting to see how/if your usage pattern changes or not).
@rrhoover i used to save twitter links to pocket but it caches the content which makes it harder to see if there were any new responses. also twitter content usually has expiration so I just set my bot to ping ppl 24 hours after they DM
Hi all. I've been keeping a "Read Later" collection of tweets for over a year; tweets that I wanted to revisit or that had links to articles I wanted to read later. I finally got the idea to make my DM bot available to everybody. You can see my own Read Later collection here: -- and you can read more about the @ReadLaterBot itself here: Using the bot is very simple. Just follow the account and it will send you a DM with instructions!