Reactful 2.0

Turn 'maybe later' visitors into 'let's do this!' customers

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Hi Everyone, We're so, so excited to show you the brand new V2 of Reactful. This is not an update. This is a full rehaul; built from the ground up with your feedback incorporated in it. It's the same concept you liked before but just 10X better in every way possible. Moreover, we designed a whole new website to show and tell what we're doing and posted the pricing. To recap: Reactful is a real time conversion platform that helps you convert those "maybe later" visitors on your sites and landing pages (Often that later never comes). While a lot of analytic tools provide you with a lot of data, Reactful is focused on the execution part - letting you create powerful Reactions to your visitors in the moment of truth. When you can do that on scale, the impact on your website goal is incredible. We're looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions. We especially like to hear your ideas for Reactions, Triggers and Insights we could add to the system. The best ideas always come from our users.
Oh - and of course, product hunt people get a special bonus - see the welcome reaction on the site.
@basez99 Crazy progress, it looks amazing. Nice to see how you use Reactful to drive conversions to your own website :) Good luck!
@basez99 congrats, Jonathan, looks awesome. Lots of luck :-)
Sounds interesting. Does the Reactful website use Reactful?
@simonstjohn We absolutely do :) We love Meta!
@basez99 cool. I will have to try again...I wandered through trying to look indecisive and got no guidance, but maybe because I am on mobile tablet? Can't wait to try it out.
@simonstjohn Ah could be. The system is also working hard at trying to separate real behavior from everything else so it might be "getting it". Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
@simonstjohn @basez99 I had the same experience, was on your website (desktop) and wandered and scrolled/ took a look at pricing/ sat idle but didn't see anything happening on your site
I like your website and I also like the examples your site throws at me, visitor source tailored message for example. These on the surface might seem simple and inconsequential, but from my experience they can open an otherwise closed door to your visitor.
@edleake Thank you Ed! appreciated.
This is a very cool product and we're definitely going to give it a go. What do you think about mobile? Are responsive websites benefiting from using Reactful? is it at all relevant? I'd guess some of the reactions are relevant and some not, right?
@yoavush Hi Yoav, thanks for the question. Yes - we support mobile web fully. You just click on device, change to mobile and continue using the tool in the exact same way. We've also created special mobile optimized Reactions for you to use.
This is awesome. Exactly what we need for Hacking UI! A lot of times we want to feature something on the website for a short time, like an event that we're promoting, but dont want to spend all the time developing a nice animation or popup for it. This also looks perfect for helping collect more email signups to our mailing list