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Hi Everyone, I'm Jonathan, the CEO and co-founder of Reactful. I'm super excited to share the first version of Reactful with you. We've built Reactful to help marketers and growth hackers to optimize sites in the easiest, fastest way possible. Reactful's focus is on real time optimization; reading visitors' digital body language and reacting with a corresponding "visual change" in real time. The range and power of the behaviors we use as triggers, and the library of potential "Reactions" are quite unique. After mostly working with big brands, we're happy to share our beta with you. Feel free to sign up if you'd like to see a demo.
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where is the price? i don't like the services who hide the real price u_u
@sanshiro_ because we're still in beta, we haven't posted pricing yet. It will come on very soon though.
@basez99 @sanshiro_ Heads up we made this mistake for a while. We're recently decided to post temp early access prices (not launched yet). We figured free would be awesome, but customers want to know how much it costs once it's not free anymore. By far the #1 question we get.
@bradenflynn Thanks Brady, that makes sense and it helped us decide to post pricing way earlier than initially planned. Thank you for sharing the lesson learned.
@basez99 @sanshiro_ I think the problem is that this sort of product can be *really* expensive - especially if it is aimed at large companies with very high traffic sites. Just a guide price would be helpful and would help me to consider trying the service. If it's going to be 500 USD/month off the bat, then I won't bother but right now I have no idea...
This looks pretty awesome. I'll test on some of my websites. Thanks for hunting
@kobaiko Thanks for the comment Yair =D
Happy to give it a try.
Congrats! We've been using the service as proud early adopters and I love it. What are your next milestones in terms of product? It is interesting to see how user behavior is being analyzed, I think your data and understandings can be useful to new startups, before they fail with their UX.
@yoavush Thanks Yoav! We have a VERY exciting new version coming up. The main part you can expect is having ease of use that you've probably never experienced before, wrapped in a sexy UI. We want to bring any marketer to be CRO superwoman in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of redundant elbow grease. We also want to empower the digital marketer to be able to execute entire loops from idea to execution without using external resources and still have it look good and provide powerful results. Expect many features around those focus areas.