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Thank you ProductHunt team for featuring RN for OS X! It's just a fork of the original React Native built by Facebook, so all kudos to them and the whole community for making such a powerful abstraction over the UI and the tooling around it. I've just replaced the UIKit with the AppKit. Electron by Github is a more suitable platform for building desktop apps in many cases, though, I believe RN for desktop also makes sense when you need a small footprint, advantages of the javascript ecosystem and the familiar developer experience.
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This is awesome. But won't people go to electron + react since it can port to multiple platforms? Like I can write electron and deploy it to web, OS X, Windows and even Linux with barely any code reuse?
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Wow, this is amazing. I'd love to see some more comparisons between this and Electron. Good work @potomushto
@imns81 Electron: - cross-platform; - open web standards; - huge ecosystem; - proven in the real world (Slack, Atom), backed by one of the best possible maintainer (Github); RN for Desktop: - Small footprint, less CPU / Memory consumption, which potentially gives your more battery efficiency; - Easy integration with low-level native components and any needed desktop APIs; - Performance (no benchmarks), still at the same time most part of the UI is written in Javascript.
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This looks great! Nice find Ben.
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