Rdio 3.0

All-new version of the service focused on stations

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I mostly like the update. Disappointing that all my playlists are buried under the 'Playlists' menu item though. It was great being able to quickly access them from the sidebar.
@thomasmeagher 100% agree. Feels like they gained consistency at the expense of me having to click more. Also they have never quite supported my mode of listening which is making playlist from an entire album (and only sometimes custom playlists). You can do it but it involves more clicks than if they treated it as a core flow.
Burying playlists and people were probably the worst mistake, but the improvements to synced music are long awaited and in general it's not too different from the Rdio we know and love. People on Facebook seem pissed though!
@garettpress Curious: what are people on Facebook saying? (I don't use that platform.)
@nikkielizdemere Basically that all their favorite features are missing or buried, kind of the generic "we hate change" stuff. Don't fix it if it ain't broke, etc.
Can't seem to get to the bulk of my collection.. Really disappointing as that's how I use it exclusively
I'm really disappointed in the new design. Been using Rdio for years and have been on board with every design change they've made until now. They've basically just buried everything I use (playlists, friends), took away proper sorting from "favorites" which used to be "Collection", and it's humorous that they're focusing on their recommendation engine when it's gotten awful since Spotify acquired EchoNest and Rdio stopped using it.
What's New in Version 3.0.0 Introducing an even better Rdio, with a suite of new features built around you. - Home. An evolving mix of music stories, personalized for you. (Coming soon to iPad) - Favorites. Find something you love? Favorite anything from albums to artists, songs to stations, and keep them all in one place. All songs and albums from your existing Collection and playlists you’ve subscribed to now live here. - Browse. Stations can now be found here, from genre stations to all-new curated stations for any mood. - Trending. What’s most popular right now, combining Heavy Rotation and Top Charts.