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When I first signed up for @razorpay, I was quite apprehensive esp. because they were just starting off back then and we also had to face a couple of issues while onboarding but their support team did a great job in dealing with all the issues we faced even at 2 in the morning. I am really glad to see you guys here. Keep up the good work :)
@jittarao Thanks for the kind words. We really mean it when we say we offer 24x7 support :)
This seems really nice. The online payments market in India has been begging for a revolution for a long time now, and this seems like it could be it. Can we accept payments from international customers with Razorpay?
@asaddhamani Their pricing page suggests so.
@asaddhamani Yes, thats exactly what we feel. And yes, international payments are supported.
@asaddhamani Yes, we do support international payments, in both of our plans.
@captn3m0 @asaddhamani I signed up and I saw you ask for a whole bunch of details compared to Stripe or PayPal. Is that due to RBI regulations?
@asaddhamani As it happens, yes. RBI rules do tend to take the fun out of it, but can't get anywhere without them.
A satisfied customer here. We have been using RazorPay for a couple of months at our new born startup and the integration was really easy. The API/SDK is beautiful and simple, as it should be.
Cuz its YC company, you got my upvote !
Why not earlier? :) It was such a big pain before.. Any plans on API for cash payments in India? 'cash on delivery' is still huge.
@dim25 I don't see why you want a payment gateway to implement a "cash on delivery" mode of payment? Unless, you want to pay 2-5% TDR for something that the payment gateway does nothing at all. You could implement it right away in your CRM by just collecting the required delivery information from the buyer and then delivering the goods/services and taking cash in return. An alternative to "cash on delivery" is the "release on delivery" model, where the payment is completed by the end-user but then the payment gateway holds the money in their system until the buyer approves it after verifying the delivered services/goods. If you are talking about this, then yes, you would need a payment gateway.
@jittarao @dim25 We did explore this area as well, but it was never a priority. We might get around to it if we find a good enough delivery partner someday.