Speed dating, but for games 🎮❤️

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RAWG TLDR is an incredibly fast way to get to know games. With each video showing 17 seconds of the meat of the game, you'll be ready to choose from 100+ titles in 30 minutes. The game page with more info and stores is one click away, which makes it the largest multi-platform database with the shortest route from discovering to owning.

  • Антон Орлов
    Антон ОрловDeveloper, orels1.tips

    Great UI/UX, neat features for game collectors, more stats to brag about


    Underdeveloped community features, not all game stores are supported yet

    If you're in love with games, and can't resist from getting another 10 "icons" during every single Steam Sale - RAWG is just for you. The killer-feature for me is automated game import system that keeps all my games in one place, which was always an issue for me, since I actively play on every platform there is.

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  • Ayrana Mongush
    Ayrana MongushTechnology, Science and Education Jedy

    Awesome user experience. Professional team, great graphics


    New games stories support and more UX development space

    Learn more about games you love with rawg.io

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Sergey Ulankin
Sergey UlankinMaker@sergey_ulankin · The editor-in-chief of RAWG.io
What exactly TLDR is? If you have ever fallen for a very specific game, you probably googled for “games like Firewatch” or “Punishing games like Dark Souls” and probably you found some answers. However, the media usually post collections where you have to click through eleven web-pages to see the top-10, because more pageviews = more money. If you were lucky, you found a Youtube video but you still needed to spend lots of time searching. Then you had to google the game you liked to find which platform it had been released to and where you could buy it. I am already tired typing this, but imagine how tiresome the process itself was! With TLDR, we make discovery entertaining and incredibly fast. You can find or remember over a hundred games in half an hour, or you can watch all new trailers in 3 minutes. It’s a large amount of games compilations, curated, structured and updated daily. The hottest titles of November? Check. The must-plays across genres or platforms? Check. The best black and white games? Check! Games where you play as the antagonist? Check! We’ve got it all and many more. If you find something, you can wishlist it or get more info or find places to buy the game—all in one click. 17 seconds feel too short? Watch a full video from YouTube. All this to make RAWG a multi-platform discovery service with the shortest route from “want,” to “have.”
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡@sebastian_maraloiu · Chief Marketing Officer at Mondly
Glad to see someone working on this concept. I like the idea. 2 years ago I build something similar with a few friends. It was called GameGif, an Android app likeTinder, but for mobile game discovery. You would swipe on 10 second game gifs. Good luck!
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
For true Gamers
Oleg Oksyuk
Oleg Oksyuk@oleg_oksyuk
I was thinking that I'm not a gamer at all before I tried TLDR. So far I like everything except the name - I wasn't able to recommend it to my son because I'll never remember "RAWG TLDR" - Consider renaming to something like GamesSpeedDating.
Dorota Parad
Dorota Parad@dorota_parad · Founder and CEO, Rhosys
Sounds interesting and I'd like to try it, but I'm having problems using my Steam login on your website. Is it supposed to be working already, or is that a future functionality? Also, I found "By signing up, you agree to RAWG’s [object Object] and [object Object]" amusing. I definitely agree to object ;-) You may want to fix the links to your privacy policy/terms of use/whatever you meant it to be.
Sergey Ulankin
Sergey UlankinMaker@sergey_ulankin · The editor-in-chief of RAWG.io
@dorota_parad You with your sharp eyes! No launch with no break, I guess. :-D Fixed that object Object thing, thank you. As for signing up with Steam, can't say if we see the problem on our side. We tested and created several profiles ourselves, works perfectly. Myght be some technical hiccups on Steam's side. Kindly try to do it again or just create an acc with yer good ol' electronic mail and connect the Steam profile later.