The largest game database in the world, and you can edit it!

Since our public launch in February, we've been expanding to become the largest game database in the world with 245,595 titles (it's growing every day!). The best part? Everyone can edit it, especially indie devs who often approach us to ask for updates here and there.

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Databases are boring. Discovering things is exciting. But you can't build a discovery service for games without a database—the largest multi-platform database to be precise. When I wrote this, there were 245,594 titles on RAWG across half a hundred platforms. Now there's one more! I think I need to answer a couple of questions before other people ask them. Why do we call RAWG “the largest multi-platform game database”? Multi-platform game databases are places where you can find info about games for all platforms. There are several great projects in that field: GiantBomb with 65,158 titles, MobyGames with 174,425 titles, and IGDB with 185,716 titles. RAWG is “the largest,” but is it “the best”? It’s for gamers to decide, of course! Speaking of being “the most comprehensive,” it’s next up on our list. This is precisely why anyone can use our editing tools! If there are lots of game databases, why do gamers need another one? RAWG is not just a database, although it is in its heart and soul. RAWG is more of an infotainment discovery service for games, and without some boring data, there’s no entertainment or novelty. Our endgame is a service that will help to discover new video games, that are the most relevant to every individual player. In other words: video game discovery powered by you!
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Been using RAWG for a few months now. Works (and looks) better than almost everything else on the market.


Great design, works well, Steam integration


No dedicated mobile app, mobile site doesn't work well, no way to add personal notes or other things about your specific copy of the game

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! Would you please let me know of the issues you've encountered with our mobile website?
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Like the IMDB of games. I would have appreciated this even more as a kid, growing up and working in the games industry.
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Whoa! Beautiful site. Do you offer an API?
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@nickchuckwalter Not now. But later—highly likely.
@nickchuckwalter CTO here. If you have anything particular in mind - let me know. I am positive we could figure out something for interesting ideas.
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@samat поздравляю с запуском! Очень хорошо выглядит и в целом хорошо работает. Круто было бы показывать стоимость игр для разных магазинов, как к примеру это делает PS Deals. Очень многие платят пл 2-5 долларов в месяц за то, чтобы получать нотификейшены по изменению стоимости.