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There is no place on the Internet where one can manage all their games in one library, track stats, and discover what to play next. RAWG.io solves these problems with a community-driven database of game creators and games across all stores and platforms. Now RAWG has over 52,000 games in its database and over 15,000 game creators.

  • Jason Alt
    Jason AltCo-Founder, NetStudy.com

    The UI is nice enough


    I dont understand why I need or should want this

    Is the primary purpose as a recommendation engine? Is it a reviews aggregator? Is it a "do everything thats already being done elsewhere, but do it in one place" website? What does RAWG do that Steam/Metacritic/Gamerankings/gaming websites don't already do? I guess I don't see the value to spending hours making a unified list of all the games that I already own and that I already know that I own, when having that final list doesnt seem to provide any new utility.

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  • Pros: 

    - Filter Options

    - Development Team Section

    - Cross Platforms

    - Deep Data Pool


    - So far, none

    I just stumbled over this website and after a few minutes already recommended it to a friend. Looks very promising, especially the "development team"-section is something I'm interested in. This section and the knowledge about who wrote and created games is most often overlooked

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Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
Very cool, seems to aggregate a lot of different data. I like that you have a featured developers section - sometimes these great people are missed out! I used Raptr a lot back in the day and XFire before that, so I can see the similarities. I think the biggest thing will be if you can nail communication - although slightly different, I think services like Discord are your biggest competition.
Brett Williams
Brett Williams@brettwill1025 · Founder of Hue, and some other products.
This platform is simply beautiful. 😍
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @sergey_ulankin, when did you and your team first start working on this? What inspired you to start building it?
Sergey Ulankin
Sergey UlankinMaker@sergey_ulankin · The editor-in-chief of RAWG.io
@abadesi We started it a year ago, November 2016. We launched a semi-closed alpha in May 2017. ‘Inspired’ is not the right word here, we were kind of frustrated to be honest. :-) You see, we all know places to go when you want some good recommendations in media & entertainment industries. Books have Goodreads (Bookmate, and others), movies have IMDb (and many other services), music has Spotify… But when it comes to games, there are no cross-platform recommendation services. Of course, Steam, PSN, and other stores/platforms have this ‘You might also like’ feature, but they obviously don't know your preferences on other platforms, but even if they did, it is hard to imagine Steam recommending you a game for Nintendo Switch. So our major goal is to build a cross-platform recommendation system for games that will take into account your gaming experience across different platforms/devices (and, by the way, according to various reports, more than 3/4 gamers play more than two devices). But to solve this problem, we had to create a launch pad first – the base built with data. So we set out to create a cross-platform database of games (we aim to reach 100,000 titles this year, which will make us the most comprehensive database of games) and a game creators database. Obviously, if you want to recommend people what to play, you have to know who made the games this person loved and hated before. At the same time, the industry is very ‘depersonalized’. You may easily name 10 favorite movie directors, 10 writers, 10 musicians in a snap, but it's hard to name 10 favorite game designers even for industry experts. So here we are now, a year of building the team and the product, and we are happy to present the beta version of RAWG. There's a long way to go, but we are very excited with the support Product Hunt community gave us, so we'll double our efforts to bring recommendations to the gaming industry as soon as possible. Thank you for for the support and the question.
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
@abadesi @sergey_ulankin Frustration can breed inspiration and creativity. :)
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@sergey_ulankin Amazing! 👏🏽
Veselin@vesln · @AngelList Platform
Looking good!
Charles Adiukwu Jr.
Charles Adiukwu Jr.@charles_adiukwu_jr_
This is very cool. Do you have any plans to integrate with outlets/blogs? Just curious.
Sergey Ulankin
Sergey UlankinMaker@sergey_ulankin · The editor-in-chief of RAWG.io
@fanaticalg No such plans for the time being, but we'll concider it in the future after finishing some core features we have on our minds.