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RaterFox is a social platform build by and for movie lovers and binge-watchers. Get personal recommendations from your friends, check out reviews of Netflix series, watch trailers of new movies or use gifs to show your reaction about the latest blockbusters. If you like movies and TV shows join the community and discover what to watch next! 🎬

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@amrith Thanks for asking. I know there are a lot of movie and tv websites out there to see ratings and reviews, but still, nothing beats a personal recommendation from someone you know. My friends, family, and colleagues are recommending each other TV shows all the time, but sometimes it's hard to remember those at the moment you actually want to watch something. I wanted to build a tool for this and while building this application I wanted it to be more interesting and got inspired to build a bigger, and more social platform around it. A place where you can not only recommend each other but also share opinions, discover new titles, watch trailers and follow interesting people that post great reviews. To further improve the experience, each user can earn points, badges, and can level up so it becomes easier for others to see which accounts are worthy to follow and can help you discover new great movies to watch. Users can connect to FaceBook to easily find friends and see their activities. Also introduced a new way of showing your reaction to a title, by finding a funny gif that supports your thoughts. Any feedback will be highly appreciated! Based on feedback and feature requests I'm aiming to build a new and better version so RaterFox becomes the best social platform for movies, TV shows, and video games.
What made you build this @jake_prins?
Does it movie discussion club?