Chrome Movie Backgrounds

Chrome extension for movie lovers with reviews & trailers

Turn your boring new tab to a beautiful screen with a movie background. Created for movie lovers and binge-watchers, by RaterFox.

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Thanks for sharing your article knowledge ... really interesting your approach.
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Thanks for hunting @jake_prins, please tell us more about this great project. Who puts together the summaries? And where do the numbers from ratings come from? 🦊
@abadesi Thanks for checking it out! The data is coming from my own API I build for RaterFox (a social platform for movie lovers), but the initial data is coming from an amazing project called The Movie Database (TMDb), which is a community built movie and TV database. This is where the summaries and images are coming from. The ratings in the Chrome extension are a combination of the ratings on TMDB and RaterFox. If you got the time, it's definitely worth checking both projects out! RaterFox: TMDB: