Raspberry Pi Model B+

Final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi

Have people in the PH community played around with a Raspberry Pi? I would love to hear feedback/thoughts about this tiny computer
@nikunj We use one at our office to manage hosting of a webcam photo and as an airplay device (we all stream music to it's speakers). We're going to set one up next to power our dashboard.
@kalv that's really cool. Any tutorials on setting it up for airplay?
@DylanLaCom There's this one which I kind of followed: http://www.raywenderlich.com/449... Essentially Linux running Shairport - https://github.com/abrasive/shai...
@kalv awesome thanks!
This is exciting! I love how they've responded to how people are using the device -- like by increasing the audio quality since I know lots of people who use it as an Airplay or A/V device in some capacity.