Raspberry Pi 3

3nd generation with faster processor, wireless and Bluetooth

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It's been a year of careful planning, development, manufacturing and testing to get to todays release. We had a number of last minute issues which we cleared up but the Pi 3 is now a product! WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth classic + BLE, quad A53 running at 1G with 64k L1$, 512k L2$ and 1G memory.
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@gsholling Well done! Awesome work.
@gsholling Sounds like some great upgrades. Looking forward to using it!
I think that the built in wifi is an incredible asset ! the Raspberry Pi has always been a playground for me !
I'm constantly amazed by what these guys can fit into a $35 board
This is such magnificent release, adding the things most wanted to the already lovely rPi.
I hope that someone could help me with this: Is there a website that has a collection of Raspberry Pi Project that can be done by entry level/beginner programmers? I found a few projects, but I would assume that the options are limitless..
@emericvictor This one is full of projects. Some are easy, others are harder. Usually they're documented well enough that a beginner can follow them. https://www.hackster.io/raspberr...