Rasa X

Improve your assistant by learning from real conversations

Rasa X is a tool for developers to deploy and improve Rasa-powered assistants by learning from real conversations. Rasa is the leading open source machine learning framework to automate text-and voice-based conversations.
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Thanks for hunting, @imcatnoone ! Excited to be sharing Rasa X with the world. Over the last few years we've been shipping products to give all makers the ability to build great AI assistants. One of the biggest blockers is the availability of training data, and by far the most effective data you can get are real conversations between your users and your assistant. So Rasa X is there to help you view and filter those conversations, annotate them, and turn them into training data to improve your AI assistant.
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Very excited to share the Rasa X with the world and I hope it's going to make it much easier for developers to create great conversational AI! As a developer advocate at Rasa, I have been working very closely with the Rasa developer community, and improving assistants with real conversational data has always been one of the main challenges the developers faced when developing their chatbots. That's why we built Rasa X - to make it as easy as possible to share your AI assistants with external testers and improve you assistants using real conversations between real users and your bots, at the same time allowing you to have a complete ownership of your data.
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Great work guys!