Create polls on the go, share and see the result

Rapidpoll is a web app that let you create polls on the go; it is perfect to know the opinion of others on topics of your interest... you can search polls that can lead you to take desitions, like for example if you're planning a trip you can ask the community some suggestions on the number of days or a place to visit.

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Do you plan to build this out to cover more areas of user feedback? Similar to a cool thing called Ship on Product Hunt 😉 https://www.producthunt.com/ship
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@jacqvon Yess! the idea is to continue improving, making Rapidpoll an excellent tool to get the best feedback possible on products, services, and experiences...
When you share it, are we talking onto FB, Insta etc or is it on a separate platform?
@jaybaybay_18 The idea is to share on social networks, you can share it with your friends and family and also the polls can be easily discovered on Rapidpoll on different ways like for example, on the trending ones, on a tag profile, on a user profile or searching by name!