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Rap AI is the first website to generate lyrics based on any artist's previous tracks.

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Amazing. We've also used similar idea, and build a game, where player needs to guess who wrote he sentence, AI or real writer. PS. If interested here is the description in English. Robot with Artificial Intelligence found Abay’s “Book of Words”. It liked the book so much, that started to write own sentences and merged it with “Book of Words”. Now, everyone who reads Abay’s “Book of Words” cannot distinguish Abay’s sentences from AI’s. Therefore, today World needs a Hero more than ever. To find such a brave & intelligent hero we created a game, where you need to identify where the sentence belongs to AI or Abai. The more and faster you answer, the more points you get. You have only 3 chances to loose. Hero will be the one, who got the highest score. Who knows, maybe it is You who should be the Hero. Download and prove! https://abaiapp.github.io/
@raihasen Appreciate the interest and nice game! That looks awesome!
Lil Uzi Vert took 3 seconds but Notorious B.I.G wouldn't even load. I guess that is quite telling.
I just tried DJ Khaled and noticed the a glaring omission of "another one." Just sayin'
@jzazove The AI just isn't lit enough :/