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From remote standups to objectives, stay in sync, focus on what matters, and get more done. Works with Slack, Jira, GitHub, Google Calendar, Docs, and more.
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Hello! I’m a designer and co-founder here at Range. We’re excited to launch open signups today on Product Hunt! Range is all about helping teams work better together. And we knew the way to achieve that goal was to be constantly listening to our customers. So we designed Range in close collaboration with teams at Twitter, Coursera, WeWork, and more. I’d like to continue that tradition of listening to feedback here on Product Hunt. My co-founders and I will be around all day to answer any questions, and of course take suggestions too! I’m particularly interested in any feedback you might have on product design. Most of my design influence is from Google. I helped to design Gmail, Spreadsheets, Trends, and G Suite. I also started the Google Ventures Design team, where we wrote the book on Design Sprints. So I’m keenly aware of the power of great feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about Range. Thanks. 🙌
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@kowitz congratulations on the launch! we’re super happy users of Range here at Coursera and its grown in leaps and bounds since we first started using it to keep track of our work. it’s one of the tools that i’m delighted to use every day, and it’s far surpassed the many other tools we’ve used for stand ups in the past. i’m especially fond of the third question we answer every day - the one that’s not quite about your work, but about you and who you are. while the day-to-day work comes and goes, reading my co-workers responses to questions like “what’s your greatest fear” or “what did you think you were going to be when you grew up”, those are the things that stick and the things that keep me in sync with my team in the ways that really matter. and now with this launch, even more people will get to answer those questions! keep up the great work!
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@kowitz excited about this tool. I'm sure the Range team is flooded with integration requests but I'll toss one more on the pile. We use 15Five for alignment, people ops and OKRs. Any plans to integrate to it or similar tools?
@jfedor Hi Jeff, so far we've focused integrations on tools where work happens. We're definitely interested in exploring other integrations and would be curious to explore the usecases you imagine.
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@kowitz congrats on the launch Braden! I've been following the product's progress since you left GV. If I were to pitch this product to CEO friends of mine, how would you suggest that I describe it?
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@_jacksmith Thanks! I think it depends on the size of the company. For larger teams of 80+, CEOs appreciate the ability to create visibility across team, to see what goals people are working on, and to track progress. And for CEOs that understand the importance of team culture, they appreciate all the little things we do around team questions and mood sharing. For smaller teams, they tend to really appreciate the daily check-in part of Range. It's sort of like getting the benefit of a standup meeting, but with no meeting, and much easier, in a way that scales to larger teams, and provides a great history of accomplishments.
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Hey folks, I’m Dan, one of the co-founders at Range. Before starting Range I led engineering at Medium and before that was a software engineer at Google. During that time I turned into a complete nerd for organizational theory. I became fascinated with the potential for how software could better facilitate the interactions necessary to thrive in today’s complex workplaces. I hope you can see how today’s Range is a step towards that vision. Happy to answer questions and excited to hear your feedback.
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More alignment with fewer status meetings... that’s something I can get behind! But I also like how Range is about more than efficiency, with features for fostering team culture & cohesion. Keep up the good work!
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Hey folks! I'm Jen, the third co-founder at Range. I'm so excited to share our product with you! Range uses simple touch points to help teams improve communication, alignment, and connection. And I'm most excited about how it helps individual teammates. With Range, you have the information you need to drive your own work forward—without being micromanaged—and to connect with your team in a real way. 💚 Can't wait to hear your feedback and ideas for where we can go next!
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Great video and congrats on the launch, @kowitz! Really like how you can pull the long term objectives into the day-to-day check-ins and meetings. Have you seen any interesting outcomes from the teams who use it when they look back at all the #objectives?
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@kunalslab What we've been hearing from a lot of teams is that they'll write objectives/OKRs at the start of the the quarter, then mostly forget about them. It's not that teams want to forget their goals, it's just that there's so much going on! I think the biggest outcomes so far have been keeping your goals top-of-mind when you're running meetings, and also making goals visible across teams. And we're working on more ideas in this area too! Related: We built views especially for retrospectives to help teams look back at their work. Here's an example of a "highlights" view that we use to look back on what happened over the week:
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