Simple tool for exploring ways to improve your teamwork

Are you looking for ways to improve your teamwork? RandomRetros offers you a variety of fun formats to enable meaningful conversations and discuss areas of team improvement. Take action today!
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Hey PH! After @pauliustuzikas moved to NZ last year and my team at Typeform was left without an agile coach or scrum master, our retrospectives quickly became quite repetitive 😴 After a while we started wanting to use with different formats, but still, no one would ever remember to plan it in advance and what we would end up doing is wasting the initial 5 minutes of the retro googling for a new format. This is where the idea for RandomRetros.com was born, we created it with the objective of being able to get a good and fun retrospective format in less than a minute πŸš€ Go and give it a try on your next team retrospective and let us know how it went πŸ™Œ
Thanks @pauliustuzikas and @francisco_baio_dias for this. We use it in every retrospective for our team and it's been great. Simple and efficient!
@francisco_baio_dias @oriol_torrillas Great to hear that Oriol, stay tuned for even more fun formats!
This is great! As the founder of http://www.retrium.com, a tool for distributed retros, we get questions all the time about fun and creative retro techniques. I'll point people here from now on! Really 😍 this. Great job
@ds_horowitz thanks for sharing! πŸ™Œ
Being without an agile coach or Scrum master to facilitate our retros, RandomRetros.com has taken the pain out of a developer running the retros, helps us discover points to create action items around, and facilitates productive conversations. Good work, @francisco_baio_dias and @pauliustuzikas.
@francisco_baio_dias @joshuaslate Thanks Joshua! We have some more cool ideas for the future as well. 😊
After multiple rounds of feedback and experimentation, we are happy to launch. πŸ₯³ We hope you enjoy!