Random Conversations for Google Home

Start conversations with random people through Google Home

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Conversation as a service
Hello, everyone! Jordan and I created this product to help people start random conversations over Google Home. As far as we know, it is currently the only app that allows two Google Homes to communicate to each other. Just say: "OK, Google. Open Random Conversations", and it will guide you through the experience from there. We'd love to hear your feedback!
Following was my experience with random conversation 1/ Ok, Google 2/ Open Random conversation(RC) 3/ [RC provides 2 choices - find a new penpal or check for new messages] 4/ I say - Find a new penpal, it gives me an option to leave a message to new penpal while it finds one. 5/ I leave the message and after some time go back to step 1. At step 3, I have to choose ‘check for new message’ 6/ Cycle repeats It is cool but the experience is more like initial web 1.0 unlike mobile experience we're used to. RC didn't tell me upfront I've an "unheard" message. I had to go thru same steps to check and respond to messages. In mobile world, we are used to getting notified while we are waiting for a response. I see the steps required to send and retrieve messages to be a barrier to experience. However Google home paradigm is different from mobile (as of now) I talk to google assistant only when I need. I still can’t define ‘hooks’ (like notifications, reminders etc) when something happens.
Ha! Like Omegle for voice. How does it match people, @john_rea? I'll give this a try tonight when I'm back home.
@rrhoover The matching is totally random within the queue of people who are starting new conversations. We also think there are some cool things we could do to make it more location-based as we roll out updates. Looking forward to your thoughts!
I can think of some really random conversations to transmit.