Corporate cards built to reduce burn

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2020
Ramp helps startups spend less, built from the ground-up to save companies money. Issue unlimited cards and eliminate overspend with advanced savings features and 1.5% cash-back on everything.
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Thanks so much for hunting us, @nickabouzeid! Hello Product Hunt 👋, We’re thrilled to share Ramp with you: The first corporate card built from the ground up to help businesses spend less. We believe in saving 💵 instead of chasing “points”, so that companies can focus on growth 📈. We built Ramp with the feedback of 150+ founders, CFOs and finance teams of high-growth companies. At launch, every Ramp customer will be eligible for 1.5% cash back and over $175,000 in partner rewards. For companies that sign-up, we’re also rolling out our Ramp Savings™, which analyzes your spending and provides actionable insights to reduce wasteful spend. On top of that, Ramp offers: - Beautiful dashboard 📊 views with live visibility into your ongoing and upcoming spend by cardholder, category and department - Continuous Savings 💰 Insights, customized based on spending patterns to help your company and coworkers reduce burn - Automatic receipt 🧾 reminders and the best receipt matching experience out there so that you never have to chase another receipt. Send it and forget it. Spanish receipt in pesos? We can match that. - Seamless accounting 🧮 integrations with NetSuite, Quickbooks, Xero and more We’re super excited to launch with the Product Hunt community, and are happy to answer any questions or feedback you may have. We would especially love to hear more about ideas you have around how your companies can save more and be more financially responsible. Do not hesitate to ping any of us on here or at hello@tryramp.com!
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Can you highlight some of the differences between Ramp and Brex?
@jake_w_simons Of course! Ramp is the only card that reduces burn: Ramp’s algorithms analyze card usage to identify overspend, help customers better understand what things should cost (and when they’re overpaying), and identifies opportunities to earn more cashback. Ramp has already cut burn for some of customers by $250,000+ per year. Ramp is aligned with its customers: Ramp offers a straightforward 1.5% cashback rate on all purchases, and actively works to reduce company spend. Brex has a points-reward program. Points-reward programs are designed by card companies to (1) reward and incentivize more spend, and (2) make customers believe the points are more valuable, and at the same time reduce the actual value of the points. Ramp’s cashback is more valuable than Brex’s points program: Based on an analysis of 6 months of customer card spend, Ramp’s 1.5% flat cashback was worth 25% more than the same spend would have been under the Brex reward categories (7x on Ridesharing, 4x on travel booked trough Brex, 3x on Restaurants, 2x on Recurring SaaS, 1x on everything else). Ramp comes with a much higher sign-up offer: Ramp customers are eligible for over $175,000 in partner offers — the highest in the industry. Brex claims that its “partner offers are worth over $50,000 in value”
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@jake_w_simons @eglyman what's a concrete example of "analyze card usage to identify overspend"?
@karimatiyeh love what you guys have built! We've been using it for months now and 10x better than the Amex we were using before. Also love some of the new features you've been rolling out, like Receipt uploading... keep them coming!
I've given Ramp a try and love the card — great web interface and customer service!
@ajaymehta Thank you! Have loved working together with you. Extremely impressed by the execution at https://birthdatecandles.com/
@karimatiyeh this is fantastic! I'm really excited to see how Ramp develops. What's next on your road map?